Bespoke reports

In 2016, we have worked with many groups across the sector who want to gain a deeper understanding of a particular consumer segment through bespoke quantitative and qualitative reports providing insights and actionable strategies to meet the challenges faced by your business. Whether it’s identifying your customer’s needs, testing your platforms/websites/customer journeys, or developing messaging and communications, we can help you to really understand your customers and future prospective customers.

Our bespoke research is designed around your businesses objectives and can incorporate an array of online and face-to-face approaches; from in-depth interviewing and focus groups to national and international surveys - targeting a range of B2B and B2C audiences.

In 2016, our research provided both quantitative insights about how people engage with their finances, but also worked up social media assets and copy to test, based on what we discovered about a given customer segment. Put simply, we find out about people, we then create content informed but what they tell is, and then we play it back to them to see if they like it!

Tailor-made insight for your business



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