Fin-k Tank

Fink-k Tank is Boring Money’s Fintech forum. But not Bitcoin and Cybersecurity. The aim is to showcase, challenge and stimulate the evolution of better investment solutions for customers, enhanced by digital, technology, mobile and AI.

There are two Fin-k Tank groups. We hold dinners twice a year for founder members where we bring together the BigWigs and the Beards – the traditional heavy-hitters and the newest innovators. We also host two afternoon conferences every year where we will bring together these same two groups, along with regulators, Government, employers, investors and the industry to inform, share updates, showcase innovation and debate.

The next dinner is Nov 23rd in London hosted by Schroders. Our first Fin-K Tank half day conference will be held at Blackrock HQ, London on the afternoon of 6th December. We are always interested in hearing from the newest fintech groups or others who have something new, challenging and interesting to share! Please contact us if you would like to speak, sponsor or participate.

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