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Customer Acquisition Report Launched

With a survey of over 6,500 consumers, we’ve segmented the population by age, income, gender and our life-stage MoneyTribes. We establish which segments of the population have the assets to invest, how confident they are with their finances, how willing they are to engage, what they want from providers, what marketing messages resonate and which firms they favour.

Online DIY Investing Q1 2017
- An update on the online investing market at Q1 2017
The market grew 27% year-on-year to £182.2bn and customer numbers were up 11%
 The tide continues to shift towards packaged all-in-one solutions and robo advice, where traction is starting to show

Vanguard launches as robos smash through 1 billion barrier
- Launched today, Vanguard’s new online investment service presents a low-cost headache to traditional wealth managers
- The “old guard” is also under siege by robo advisers whose UK assets have exceeded £1 billion
- Non-advised UK investors now have a better range of choices than ever before

Boring Money research finds open architecture in decline for UK direct investors
- Passive accounts for 12% of fund assets on open architecture D2C platforms and is on the rise, comprising of more than a third of sales on a number platforms.
- On those platforms with fund shortlists, these lists see 30% of gross fund sales.
- Of the 24 platforms surveyed, 17 now offer guided solutions where customers can pick a risk level and be directed into an all-in-one solution.
- Most of the new groups providing online investment don’t provide access to funds from multiple managers.

New ratings highlight best online investment providers for consumers
- AJ Bell Youinvest, Fidelity, Hargreaves Lansdown and Nutmeg get the highest Gold rating
- Ratings include customer scores, service, cost and ease of use
- In total 12 providers have been rated at either Gold, Silver or Bronze level