Read a sneak preview of Boring Money's 2017 report on Online Investing - A Changing world here.


Research Publications

Boring Money produces general research for sale to a broader audience. We produce bespoke reports. Across all our research, our focus is on the consumer as we explore developing themes, products, attitudes and behaviour.

Our first report for 2017 is titled "Online Investing - A Changing World". This report does what we do best - size the market, evaluate the players from a consumer perspective, and assess pricing, proposition and service. If you are interested in purchasing this report, or require more information, please email Carmel. 

Our second report for 2017, coming September 2017, is titled "Online Investing Report - Acquiring Customers". It will assess customer acquisition - what do potential customers like and want; what are the barriers to investing; what can overcome these; what are the costs of customer acquisition; what does good look like? It will further an understanding of the potential market size for new customer acquisition, along with the costs of acquisition and the consumer fears and barriers which marketing needs to address. If you are interested in purchasing this report, or require more information, please email Carmel. 

In 2016, we worked with the Financial Services Consumer Panel on a report into Online Investing and Advice which can be read here. The report includes our write-up on on consumer feedback about 15 different robo adviser, platform and life company services along with our recommendations for change to improve things for non-advised investors.

Also in 2016, we produced our first Census report for the industry, which covered products, attitudes to investing, robo advice, brand awareness and reactions to newer developments including the LISA and auto enrolment. 


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