Market Summary

£194.2bn AUA

As of the end of September 2017, the non-advised online investment market stood at £194.2bn AUA which is growth of 17.7% over the previous 12 months. This compares to a rise in 11.2% on the FTSE 100 (total return).

Over 3 million DIY investors

Customer numbers have swollen to 3.9 million accounts which we estimate means a pool of some 3 million UK adults with non-advised investment holdings.

Robo tiny today

Robo advice remains embryonic today and accounts for just 0.9% of the total market, dominated by Nutmeg which holds £1 billion of the total £1.8 billion in robo today.

A more youthful audience!

Average ages are gradually coming down and it’s 49 years old today, with the robo customer base relatively young at an average 41. It’s still very male dominated – just 32% of DIY investors are female

Growth in ‘ready-made’ solutions

The shifting role of a platform towards fund picker, or even fund manager, continues. More platforms have launched their own multi-asset fund ranges, into which we're seeing increasing flows. Once you remove listed securities, robos' ETF portfolios and platforms' own multi-asset fund ranges, unless they're on a fund shortlist, the amount left for single-strategy fund managers is dwindling.

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