Welcome to POD

Welcome to POD, your brand new online data service from Boring Money. 

There are three main things you can do in this secure section of the site, depending on the level of subscription which you have.

1. Look at market data

This section will answer your questions at an overall market level. We look at assets, £AUA, and demographics pulling out any trends and changes every quarter. Data has been compiled with input from over 25 DIY investment services and our own proprietary research. 

*NEW* - compare the user ratings and see how various firms ranks compared to peers. 

2. Dig into individual provider data 

This section provides granular data at an individual provider level. Flows, trends, holdings, trading - see more information on core players.

*NEW* - read the individual consumer reviews for each major player to understand what customers really think. 

3. Submit data

Each quarter we ask online investment providers to deliver basic summary data that we then use for aggregated analysis of the market. It's not all take - contributors get free access to limited quarterly stats to use in their business. 

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