Great brand communication is underpinned by robust research and a keen understanding of customer experiences and priorities.


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We’re a rapidly growing team of people who are passionate about making the world of finance and investments accessible to everyone.

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Our team has (we hate to admit) more than 150 years of combined experience across a range of subject areas and techniques. But most importantly, we are genuinely passionate about learning what ultimately makes the consumer engage with financial services, and helping brands to make that happen.

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At Boring Money we use a flexible approach to both Qualitative and Quantitative research within the financial arena or directly with consumers to unearth measurable insights and valuable nuggets of understanding that drive customer interest. And then we work with you to turn those insights into great content that will truly engage your users.

Holly Mackay - Founder & CEO

Holly has worked in finance since 1999. She is a financial expert, a commentator on investment markets and the founder and MD of Boring Money. She passionately believes that we can explain things better, and that investments shouldn’t just be for “The Old Boys”.

Holly is a regular speaker at conferences and is also a seasoned hand at chairing events and hosting panel discussions. She's often asked to engage with the boards of major financial brands who are looking for advice on how to create better products and understand their customer.

Research    |    Quantitative & Qualitative

Jim Adams

Head of Research

Jim has been providing research and strategic insight for close to 20 years. He has worked across a wide variety of sectors including banking, insurance, technology and government.

Most recently Jim spent more than 6 years at eBenchmarkers, benchmarking banks, insurers and other retail FS providers against each other. Before that he worked on a wide range of research projects at Capgemini Consulting and Accenture.

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Georgina Clarke

Director of Research Projects & Business Development

Georgina has spent the last 20 years working in market research agencies, focusing on financial services. She has conducted a wide range of quantitative and qualitative projects with many of the leading banks, insurers, life/pension providers and asset managers, as well as the FCA and the Money and Pensions Service. Georgina is passionate about establishing close client relationships, using creative research approaches and ensuring Boring Money’s market research findings bring real value to our clients’ businesses. She is also a Certified Member of the Market Research Society.

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Jess Galletley

Research Manager

Jess began her research career after studying Anthropology at the LSE, learning about all the weird and wonderful aspects of human culture. Prior to Boring Money, she worked in Insight & Strategy at a Welsh building society, and more recently at a global market research firm writing reports across a range of consumer financial services markets.

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Ellie Watson

Research Executive

A Class of 2020 graduate, Ellie has joined the team to support on bespoke qualitative research projects after gaining a year's experience at Hargreaves Lansdown. Having completed her Marketing degree, she's realised research is her thing. She's nosey about what people think. She's passionate about driving change to help businesses be better, by listening to and understanding the customers' wants and needs.

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Mahdi Shabir

Research Analyst

Mahdi graduated from SOAS University of London in 2019 with a first class bachelor’s degree in Economics & Arabic. He has begun his career as a Research Analyst at Boring Money, where he participates in quantitative research – analysing and tracking investment platform performance – as well as qualitative research, such as contributing to research projects by conducting participant interviews.

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Anna Stoughton

Relationship Manager

After graduating from the University of Exeter, Anna joined Deloitte in the Tax department where she qualified as a Tax Analyst. But, finding the area a bit light on the people facing side, she chose to become a Financial Adviser helping clients achieve their financial goals. Now Relationship Manager at Boring Money, Anna hopes to use her experience to help the masses navigate the financial maze with crystal clear tips and information.

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Marketing    |    Content

Mikhail Ismail

Head of Projects and Client Content

Mikhail started out as an investment analyst before crossing over to marketing and communications for asset managers and investment solutions providers. During his post grad he worked as a project manager for start ups in media production before returning to financial services. He joined Boring Money in September 2017 and oversees client content production, comms, and web content.

Jamie Ovens

Content & Community Manager

After years as a copywriter, Jamie is now a Content & Community Manager for Boring Money - helping Joe Public and Mr Moneybags become firm friends. A creative who cares, Jamie always finds a way to give the people more! As a Dementia Care Assistant he painted murals and wrote cheeky poems. As a Newspaper Editor he organised workshops and started a society. Power to the people!

Operations    |    Tech

Matthew Jacobs


Matt started work at BT developing applications to locate telephone cables over 20 years ago. The excitement was too much so he moved into digital/web development and has worked for a variety of different brands from Sainsbury's to Nike, as both a developer, and in more recent years, a manager of developers. Technology doesn’t have to be difficult. Matt's a pragmatist and just like to get things done.

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Our work unearths many facts on how customers interact with money and investment products.

Whether it's the findings from a 6,000 person survey, our own desk-based research or our consumer interviews and focus groups, we quite often have an opinion (and some data) to share. 

In the Press

We are often asked for our opinion and make regular contributions to articles, podcasts and more.

In 2020 Boring Money appeared in the likes of The Financial Times, Vice and Money Marketing, and wrote articles for The Mail on Sunday, The Sunday Times, Metro, Mother & Baby and many more. 

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Our monthly bulletin is a neat mixture of data samples of our latest reports, Holly's opinions of anything investment sector and forward thinking on some common topics in our financial world. Read it for a sip of inspiration about your relationships with your products, colleagues and clients.

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