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How do you solve the Advice Gap?

At Fin-k Tank we took a look at all things new in tech and wealth. With a particular focus on advice and engagement.

420 grams of disclosure

Disclosure in the investment industry has become progressively worse as the regulator and providers take part in an uneasy dance...

DIY assets £205bn and 'Solutions' the one to watch

Building the picture of the online investing experience continues to be a frustrating experience as the J-curve remains elusive.

Top Selling Funds - DIY investing in the UK - Q2 2018

Who's topping the fund charts on direct platforms? Less than 2 weeks off revealing the Q3 stats for DIY investing in the UK, we can reveal the top selling funds on platforms at the end of Q3 2018.

What is value?


In advance of the September 2019 deadline given to fund managers by the FCA, we are starting on a project to tackle this most grey of questions with consumers, advisers, platforms and non execs.

The Ethical Investing Report 2018


 In 2018, 55% of UK adults remain in a cash account (compared to 16% who delve into stocks and shares ISAs), does the option of ethical investing make the stock market any more appealing?

What’s the going rate for a platform these days?

This week Interactive Investor bought Alliance Trust Savings, adding oomph to the UK’s second largest investing platform which will now look after £35 billion for 400,000 customers.

Boxer shorts and risk


Why do we talk about risk? With research confirming that over 70% of people only associate this word with loss (ie no upside), we’d argue that we should actually be communicating uncertainty.

The brave are benevolent


Many industries have to contend with challenging barriers to entry. Financial services has the distinct position of having to include overwhelming public distrust as part of those challenges.

How do you like your eggs?

Ethical investing, fad or the future? As we are stitching together the final threads of our upcoming ESG report, we continue to unspool just what makes ethical, ESG or impact investing such a divisive topic.

Defining the starting the line

Self-curation in financial services is still a distant horizon, so the vessels and currents that may leads us there not totally defined. But the place of awareness is still something that warrants attention.

Price Wars. Or Price Bores

In August, Charles Stanley Direct announced an increase in its lowest tiered price, from 0.25% to 0.35%, to kick in next week. These guys have held the unofficial title of ‘the cheapest trading platform’ for most accounts for a while.

Platform Paper - Holly`s take

Having digested the FCA’s Platform Paper (the snappily titled MS17/1 Investment Platforms Market Study) there are 4 areas which stand out for me. First up – the difficulty of price comparison


2018 is all very #touchy-feely. Every financial firm  suddenly appears to really care about women customers. Gareth Southgate has promoted managing with hugs. And ethical investing (whatever that means) is on the menu.

>£100bn growth

A consensus view from 17 CEOs and Directors of non-advised investment platforms is that we’ll see over £100 billion added to the coffers over the next 5 years. Sounds feasible. But where is this coming from?

Are you interesting?

On 6th December we held our first Fin-k Tank event. Starting with a look at our customers: The average age of DIY investors is 49 years of age The DIY investment market is attracting a slightly younger investor than it has done to date.

Turn and Face the Strange

Human evolution is a peculiar thing. A constant tightrope between order and chaos. External pressures elicit changes that propel us forward. However, we have an innate tendency to crave order.


If you like this

Despite regulatory angst about the definition and scope of advice, the fact remains that most people just want someone to give them a steer. Finance cannot remain immune from the world of likes, shares and people like you content.

The Consumer Awards 2018

At the beginning of the month we hosted our first ever Consumer Investment Awards evening, held in partnership with The Telegraph. Over 4,000 customers told us who delivered the goods in the categories that mattered the most to them.

Holly`s views on fintech

I’m impatient. I want to change things now. If version 3 of my website is live, in my head I’m on version 8. I live in a permanent state of exasperation that people aren’t faster. However I’ve also learnt to be practical.

Testosterone Scores

The exam question: how do we encourage more women to consider investing and to remove the gender investment gap? Just 12% of women have stocks and shares ISAs and their balances are on average £10,000 less than men’s. 

Value for money

As the FCA kicks off the challenge for asset managers to assess the value they deliver customers, we’re hitting the phones to talk to the end customer (advised and non-advised) about what they perceive value to be.

Online investing market - Q1 2018

In our latest quarterly update, the online investing market has increased to £209bn at the end of Q1 2018, a 14.2% increase from Q1 2017. This compares to an insignificant 0.2% increase in the FTSE 100.

Let`s Grow

OK so this one was a challenge! M&G have sponsored the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for years and have a great brand with the cohort of green-fingered gardeners who visit this chlorophyll-kingdom every year.