Best Buy ISA and Pension accounts for DIY investors ranked as providers suffer from service delays and long call times

  • Ratings from Boring Money reveal top ISA and pension accounts for DIY investors 
  • Scores based on 3,000+ customer reviews and Boring Money’s own user testing  
  • Many established providers stumble on call-handling and service during pandemic 


Boring Money is today revealing the winners of its 2021 Best Buys Awards, helping DIY investors find the leading ISA and pension providers in the UK.

Based on customer review scores as well as Boring Money’s own testing and evaluation of ISA and pension accounts, the 2021 Best Buys provide a comprehensive consumer guide for DIY investors not using a financial adviser. 

The key factors driving scoring are: customer ratings from more than 3,000 reviews posted by Boring Money users; Boring Money’s own extensive testing of ISA and pension accounts with each provider; real-world tests conducted by Boring Money to gauge service levels such as call response times, website & app functionality; and an evaluation of the cost of investing with each provider:

The winners of the Boring Money Best Buy ISA for 2021 are: 

  • AJ Bell Youinvest 
  • Moneybox 
  • Nutmeg 
  • Wealthify 
  • Vanguard  

The winners of the Best Buy Pension for 2021 are: 

  • AJ Bell Youinvest 
  • Fidelity  
  • Hargreaves Lansdown 
  • PensionBee  
  • Vanguard 


A number of providers, including some established investment platforms, scored particularly poorly when it came to call-handling. In some cases nearly half of Boring Money’s test calls to customer service centres went unanswered within a 5 minute window, a huge change for some of the larger established providers who have previously championed strong call centres and response times.  In contrast, providers with the best scores in this area kept call waiting times to less than a minute.

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Boring Money CEO, Holly Mackay says:

“In a tumultuous year of fund suspensions, wild market volatility, a rise in day-trading, and a sizeable increase in new investors, some providers shone and others were caught short. Regrettably, many customers experienced long wait times, service outages and delayed transfers and this was reflected in ISA and pension provider reviews from more than 3,000 Boring Money users. 

“The winners are those all-rounders which typically offer fair charges, good service, a strong mobile experience and good customer reviews. 

“Combining user scores with our own testing of provider’s systems, and evaluating the overall service alongside the fees charged by each provider, the Best Buys 2021 provide DIY ISA and pension investors with a comprehensive guide to picking the right account for them.” 


In addition to the Best Buy ISA and Pension Awards, Boring Money is today also unveiling the winners in some of its range of specialist ‘Best for’ categories, including the best accounts for beginners, those offering the lowest cost of investing, and the best digital functionality across desktop and mobile:

  • Best for Beginners (ISA): AJ Bell Youinvest; Charles Stanley Direct; Fidelity; Moneybox; Nutmeg; Vanguard; Wealthify; Willis Owen 
  • Best for Beginners (Pension): AJ Bell Youinvest; Aviva; Fidelity; Hargreaves Lansdown; PensionBee; Vanguard; Willis Owen
  • Best for Low Cost (ISA): AJ Bell Youinvest; Evestor; IG; Halifax Sharedealing; Interactive Investor; Vanguard 
  • Best for Low Cost (Pension): AJ Bell Youinvest; Fidelity; Halifax Sharedealing; Interactive Investor; Vanguard 
  • Best for Digital (ISA): Freetrade; Hargreaves Lansdown; Moneyfarm; Moneybox; Nutmeg; True Potential Investor; Wealthify 
  • Best for Digital (Pension): Hargreaves Lansdown; PensionBee


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Notes to editors:  

Best Buys draw on reviews and ratings from 3,000+ Boring Money readers; Boring Money testing of the public and secure sites, services and call centres of over 30 D2C platforms.

Research based on a nationally representative survey of 6,698 UK adults aged 18+, segmented by savers and investors; Market data from 20+ D2C platform providers.


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Holly Mackay 


About Boring Money  

Boring Money is an independent research and publishing house which provides information, tips and Best Buy tools to savers and investors. It recently raised £900,000 through crowdfunding, with more than 12,000 weekly readers and investors supporting and engaging with the company. The business conducts regular research with industry providers and UK consumers to track the developing DIY investment market from both the customer and provider perspective. Boring Money holds test accounts with over 30 investment platform providers and also holds regular focus groups and interviews with consumers to ensure regular input and feedback from the user perspective.  

Founder Holly Mackay has worked in the investment industry for 20 years and is supported by a team of 12 researchers, analysts and marketing execs. Boring Money is not regulated to give personal financial advice, nor is it regulated by the industry watchdog. 


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