Boring Money launches biggest UK survey of Sustainable Investing consumer & adviser sentiment

11 August;

The “Great British Sustainable Savers Census” launched – the biggest UK survey to find out what consumers and advisers want as 40% report higher interest post-Covid.

As consumer interest in sustainable investing grows, Boring Money is launching the biggest UK adviser and consumer survey on this subject to date, with the aim of understanding what both parties want and expect from this style of investing.

“The Great British Sustainable Census” goes live this week and will go to 5,000 UK consumers and 19,000 advisers.

Boring Money’s research so far this year confirms that:

  • 40% say Covid-19 has made them think more about investing sustainably.

  • 89% of 18-44-year-olds say it’s important that a fund manager offers sustainable investment options.

  • 83% of advice users say they would value a conversation with an adviser about sustainable investing.

  • 58% of investors are aware of the term sustainable, but only 30% are aware of the term ESG.

The project aims to help the industry develop products and services which meet consumer demands and expectations.


Boring Money CEO Holly Mackay comments,

Political and regulatory factors have put this style of investing on the industry’s agenda but consumer appetite and expectations have accelerated, with additional impetus added by Covid-19.


Morningstar report, European Sustainable Fund Flows: Q2 2020 in Review, confirms the trend – strong continued inflows of EUR 54.6 billion into this sector in the second quarter counted for almost a third of overall European fund flows, and was up from just under EUR 26 billion in the previous quarter. This represents a quarter on quarter growth of 110%.

Aberdeen Standard (ASI) is the lead sponsor of this project, which aims to inform a consumer-led approach to development.


Fergus McCarthy, UK Distribution Director, Regional Accounts, ASI comments;

Responsible investing lies at the heart of what we do at ASI. Customers and clients increasingly want to reflect their individual values in their investment decisions and we’re delighted to support this survey, which will provide some invaluable insights to allow us to continue to shape investment solutions around the needs and expectations of investors.

Morningstar UK Ltd is the project’s research partner. The research will be used to identify the key types of investor by attitude and requirements and, show how these can be aligned to the different products available to invest in using the tools developed by Morningstar.


Anastasia Georgiou, Director of Client Solutions, Advisor Segment, EMEA, Morningstar, notes;

We are delighted to be a research partner for this initiative. Morningstar’s mission is to empower investor success and making sustainable investing and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) measures clear and meaningful for investors is integral to that mission. With ESG now an essential part of long-term investing, it’s of paramount importance to help advisers and investors navigate the landscape through access to tools and knowledge, and understand an investment’s suitability based on their sustainability goals.

Make My Money Matter - a campaign spearheaded by Richard Curtis, co-founder of Comic Relief - where the public have the knowledge and power to align their pensions, savings and investments with their values, will be collaborating with Boring Money by sending the survey out to supporters and partners.


Make My Money Matter Campaign Director David Hayman comments.

Our money is one of the most powerful tools we have to build a better world. But too often our investments don’t match our values. That’s why we think it’s so important for Boring Money to be capturing consumer attitudes towards sustainable finance, so we can help everyone make their money matter.

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About Boring Money:


Boring Money is an independent research and content business which provides information, tips and Best Buys to consumers. The business conducts regular research with industry providers and consumers and looks at the developing DIY investment market from both the customer and provider perspective. Boring Money holds test accounts with over 25 providers and also holds regular focus groups and interviews with consumers to ensure regular input and feedback from the user perspective.

Founder Holly Mackay has worked in the investment industry for 20 years and is supported by a team of 10 researchers, analysts and marketing execs. Boring Money is not regulated to give personal financial advice, nor is it regulated by the industry watchdog.

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