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Bespoke Research

We combine qualitative & quantitative research techniques to cut through the noise and get to the heart of what customers want

We work with a range of clients across the retail investment market in the UK including banks, platforms, wealth managers, asset managers, robo advisers and more.

Clients value our unique insights, access to data, real customer views and opinions through panels and focus groups, and the competitor insights we offer through our DIY investing test accounts.

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We provide clients with personalised research surveys to meet their individual business needs. Whether it’s targeted data collection from a specific group of customers, or research with nationally representative panels for PR, marketing or product teams, we’ll work with you to build a research project designed around your needs.

Competitor analysis

Want to get a better understanding of the competitor landscape? Boring Money’s test accounts with all the leading investment providers, our customer reviews gather from thousands of real investors, hours of feedback from user testing focus groups and first-hand experience using almost every investment provider in the UK means we’re uniquely positioned to support your business with competitor analysis.

Proposition & User Experience

Boring Money’s research analysts build customer panels and focus groups for clients to help them test and improve new proposition developments, user experience upgrades and redesigned customer journeys. Speak to our team about building a focus group with your target audience to help you road-test new products and services as you build them, allowing your business to adapt and design based on real customer feedback.

Content and Marketing

We work with brands big and small to help them bring their message to life. Whether you need bespoke support developing your language and communications, or you want to work with us to create new content for your customers, Boring Money can help. Talk to us about collaborating on content and marketing projects today.

Focus Groups & Panels

Understanding what customers really, think feel and value is crucial for any business. We help businesses hear from their customer first hand, building bespoke focus groups and customer panels to help clients speak to their end-users. As them what they like about your business, where you could improve, what they think of your competitors, and which services and products they want you to build.

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