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Creating experiences that stand apart: a Q&A with Andrew McMillan 

Stepping outside the finance echo chamber, we hear from Andrew McMillan, whose 28 years as John Lewis’ Head of Customer Service earned the brand its customer-centric reputation. He’ll explain how demographic analysis at a customer level, as well as internal culture at a company level, can create a highly personal service that is never knowingly undersold.

What impact does opening up a retailer’s site to customer ratings and reviews have?

The transparency can be daunting at first, but a good business will attract good reviews and also engender greater positive reputation if potential customers can see that dissatisfaction is responded to quickly, honestly and fairly. 

Give an example of how customer experience can reflect internal culture?

It’s actually the other way around, the customer experience of a brand is the external reflection of their internal culture. The brand personality/attitudes/behaviours should be articulated clearly and simply and known by all. Ritz Carlton hotels talk about Welcomed, Wanted, Remembered, Cared For. They do that for each other before they do it for their guests. 

How public should all feedback loops be?

Any issue should be dealt with via direct messaging after the first notification is public. Subsequent conversations may involve personal details or potentially transgress GDPR.

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