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Consumer Duty - platforms

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We have worked with platforms and providers for over 5 years, producing deep-dive thematic reports, and supporting with bespoke qualitative and quantitative research. Our increasing audience gives us unique insights into what direct investors want, which brands they rate and why. We are currently supporting most major platforms with strategic projects, customer insights projects and most recently Consumer Duty.

We can help you:

1. Understand the changing direct market

With our annual bestselling ‘manual’, the Online Investing Report, and bespoke projects.

2. Understand the needs, characteristics and objectives of your target market

Using various data sources/ bespoke quantitative and qualitative /running customer panels.

3. Quantify and track value

With new bi-annual Platform Investor Tracker for customer rankings and benchmarking.

4. Plan and develop for the introduction of digital advice

Our annual digital advice report shares data, trends, consumer research and competitor insights.

5. Test and refine client communications

Bespoke qualitative and advisory support.

6. Understand customer sustainability needs and preferences

Our Sustainable Savers annual report provides a deep dive into what investors want, need, understand and seek out.

7. Improve your customer acquisition and marketing

With over 750,000 visitors YTD as at July 2022, our affiliate partnerships and marketing packages can help you target customers and build a brand or run a campaign in an efficient way.

Need to work out your plan for Consumer Duty?

Download our deck to see how we are working with platforms today.

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Boring Money is back, live, in action on 28th September 2022 in the City, London, for our half-day conference to bring you all the latest news, insights, data and discussion on all things retail.

We will be hosting a collection of industry experts and speakers to unpack some of the most critical questions for our industry as we manage growth and opportunity, with market downturns, consumer scepticism and increasing regulatory demands.

Sign up today for your limited free place to join us between 8.30am and 1pm.