Are you connecting with your customers?

Good content is an essential tool for any group trying to engage and attract customers. Learning from our research and customer feedback, we work with firms and produce content for them, as well as collaborating on joint campaigns or promotions. 

Content Marketing

Be honest. Does your latest corporate video make you feel flat. Could a podcast be the answer? Or even just a well-written letter!? We have produced audio guides, podcasts, videos and copy for client websites and campaigns. If your content feels a bit flat and dull, we can help to improve it, working within the parameters of your brand.

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“ Boring Money has helped us to interpret a complex market, make it simple and then turn these insights into actionable content which has a consumer edge."

Mark Taylor, Chief Customer Officer, Equiniti


Struggling to strike up a conversation? We want to talk to groups who want to connect with one of our "Money Tribes" or consumer segments. We won't directly peddle your products but we do want content partnerships which will help our identified tribes with useful, relevant content and help build your brand. 

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"I read your blog from start to finish. You manage to make all this financial jargon understandable and even amusing. I love it and tell all my friends."

Susan, 55, Bristol 

Best Buys

It's a competitive world out there. If you're good, we can help you to shout it from the rooftops. We produce Best Buy logos to showcase excellence in investment products, which uniquely contain input from consumers as well the Boring Money team.

Contact Carmel about how you can use these logos in your business.


Do you actually know how good you are from an independent perspective?

We work with our clients to produce detailed benchmarking reports which identify your strengths and weaknesses from an external, independent viewpoint. Drawing on our consumer insights, test accounts, and industry knowledge, we help you to identify strengths, weaknesses and what needs to change. We don't just point the finger either. We have lots of informed, practical suggestions to help you re-calibrate what good looks like. 

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UX Testing

Stuck? Feel like you are wading through treacle?

In 2017 we partnered with tech firms to develop prototypes and proposition enhancements for our clients. Using an agile approach, we can research the consumer need, create wireframes to bring the ideas to life, test with consumers and build feedback into the next sprint. 

We wouldn't recommend it for anyone's blood pressure, but we have turned this around in 5 weeks before. So if it's taken you 6 months internally and you're no further forward, talk to Alex for more details and an aspirin. 


“We worked with Boring Money to initially gain new insight into what makes savers consider investing, then to help develop and test early prototypes. Boring Money were vital at each stage and helped us shape then validate some already valuable client solutions.”   

Rob Hudson, Head of Digital Distribution, Aberdeen Asset Management


Perhaps you are struggling with a particular question and would value a quick independent opinion. Maybe you are testing new pricing models, or re-evaluating your strategy. Talk to us about how we can help.

In 2017 we helped develop new pricing models, we talked to Excos and Boards, we tackled some thorny acquisition challenges and we challenged quite a few business plans! 

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