Are your messages landing with customers? Do they find your content interesting? Are they devouring the information on your website? Or are they consigning your carefully crafted letters and emails to the recycling bin?

Great content is fundamental to great customer experience.

We’re not just guessing at what your customers want to hear from you. We take continual feedback from the thousands of Boring Money readers that give us their opinions on providers every month, and we blend this with the qualitative and quantitative research that sits at the heart of everything we do.   

At Boring Money, we don’t just work with words. (Though sometimes some snappy web copy is all you need!) We can help you create engaging videos, podcasts, interactive digital products and more. We come at things from a different angle and pride ourselves in creating fresh approaches to age-old challenges.

We can help you to

  • Help you better understand how customers want to be spoken to.
  • Revamp tired content through words, videos, podcasts or online tools.
  • Shift your communications from information to engagement.
  • Create brand affinity and deeper, more loyal relationships with customers.
  • Drive customer satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Boost word of mouth and recommendation.
  • Generate positive PR and awareness.

The Boring Money way

Depending on your budgets and requirements, we can take an end-to-end approach to your content challenges.

  • Our Qualitative Research, Benchmarking and UX Testing services can help you understand what customers actually think of your current content, how they engage with it on a practical level and how they rate it against other players in the market.
  • We can then use further Research tools and techniques, such as data mining, surveys, interviews and Focus Groups to hone in on the messages and formats that resonate best, before building a key approach.
  • Working in partnership with you, we can then develop the agreed content outlines in the form of words, stats, scripts, imagery, quizzes, calculators or any other base, before turning these into blogs, web pages, videos, podcasts, infographics or interactive digital content.
  • Finally, we can work with you around the promotion of your shiny new output, to make sure it gets the eyeballs it deserves!


Need help with evolving business plans and strategies?

If you have challenges you need a fresh pair of eyes on, or thorny issues that require interrogation from both the industry and the consumer angles, give us a shout.

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