Case Study: Montfort Communications


Montfort Communications were on a mission to find out what retail investors really thought about ESG when they made investments, and where they got their information.

They needed reliable data to help them build an evidence-based picture of investor behaviours and intentions.

Although statistically robust analysis was essential, the output also needed to be simple and digestible. Facts and figures are important, but information overload can distract from the core message.


What we did

Boring Money’s team of researchers worked with Montfort to design a set of survey questions carefully crafted to elicit specific information on investor intentions.

Data and analysis is our foundation and our research team understand how critical it is to craft questions that are designed to generate meaningful talking points.

But it isn’t just about asking the right questions, you also have to ask the right people. Many agencies and consultants are confined to their own panel of survey respondents. But one size doesn’t fit all and while some projects need a large, nationally representative survey, others require a niche group.

To support Montfort’s project, we targeted retail fund investors specifically – it is one thing to understand how the UK public feel about ESG, but we wanted to understand how actual investors felt, requiring a more targeted approach with a specific subset of respondents.


The outcome

The data gathered and analysed by Boring Money provided detailed insights into ESG investing intentions, in particular showing a marked difference in attitudes between generational cohorts. For example, ESG was a factor influencing investment choices for almost four out of five young investors aged under 35, compared to just a third of those age over 55.

Montfort deployed the findings in their thought leadership content, covered here in the Financial Times, and supported with quotes from our CEO, Holly Mackay.

Their co-branded infographic created an effective way to share the data findings online, combining the key stats into a simple visual to help tell the story.


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