Focus Groups

Do you need to understand what your customers actually think and do? Do you need to test new products and ideas with real users? Do you need actionable insights on if and where improvements should be made?

We design, recruit, moderate and analyse outcome-led focus groups. Popular with clients ranging from the high street banks and major life companies to asset managers and disruptive fintechs, our sessions provoke candid consumer reactions that tell you much more than a survey alone ever could.

What can focus groups tell you?

  • Whether you’re meeting your customers’ needs and desires
  • What they like about your product and why
  • If there are any unforeseen motives or barriers to engaging
  • If your messages resonate and, if not, how to develop them
  • Individual thoughts and feelings, as well as overarching demographic trends
  • Whether new ideas and stimulus are attractive to your target audience
  • How group dynamics influence customer perceptions and decisions
  • Unexpected directions to take your research next

The Boring Money way

We manage everything from discussion planning to recruitment screening, ensuring you get the detailed insights you need from the precise audience you want.

  • Our sessions include groups of up to 8 people
  • At least one moderator will be on hand to guide discussion
  • We can book and manage venues – including viewing facilities if required
  • We can run online focus groups if in-person sessions are not feasible
  • Audio, video or live remote viewing of sessions can be arranged

“We worked with Boring Money to initially gain new insight into what makes savers consider investing, then to help develop and test early prototypes. Boring Money were vital at each stage and helped us shape then validate some already valuable client solutions.”

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