Planet Investment

Money affects all of us, so we’ve all received communications from Planet Investment. Unfathomable messages from fund managers offering twelve different asset classes we can choose; confusing credit card offers with terms and conditions eight pages long; scary pension statements which make risk seem like something we’d be insane to consider.

On February 2018, with the kind support of Legal and General Investment Management and a selection of creatives, broadcasters and journalists, we hosted a one-night-only pop-up exhibition to show off alternative communications from Planet Investment. The aim was to show that there are better ways; to leave compliance hats at the door and just make financial concepts clearer. Possibly even make them funny.

Are words the right tool?

In 2018 we should have more tools than the humble pie chart and text-heavy tables at our disposal. Do your customers really understand what you are offering them?

Funds: Who is managing my money?

To buy our funds. In so many cases these funds are faceless, de-personalised and divorced from the reality of our needs. But money is managed by experienced, multi-dimensional people. 

Investing is Everyday

Yet, funds are made up of the businesses and organisations that shape the world around us. Wouldn’t it be great if we could make this real to potential investors, letting their passions and interests in the world around them inspire us?

The Genesis of Planet Investment

The economic fundamental of supply and demand is at greatest odds with what the consumer wants to hear vs. what the industry is voicing. This curious case of communication breakdown is depicted on our first installation. 

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