Are your customers cheating on you?

‘Polyamorous’ investors hold investment accounts with multiple providers

Boring Money’s research reveals that many advised investors are polyamorous – holding accounts with multiple providers or keeping an investing ‘side-hustle’ in speculative assets, like cryptocurrency.

As many as one in five (19%) advised investors hold an account with one of the big D2C platforms. Others also hold investments through robo advice providers too.

Some also have a ‘side-hustle’ in speculative assets, with 9% of advised clients reporting holding some money in cryptocurrency.

Although advised customer satisfaction ratings remain extremely high – 90% of people that use an adviser said they’re content with the service they’ve received over the last year – it is clear that a significant number like being able to keep a pot of money they can run themselves.

Using nationally representative surveys of thousands of UK adults, Boring Money can delve into the polyamorous investing habits of customers across platforms, asset managers, advisers and other providers.

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