Syndicated Content 2020

Our clients have told us that comms are even more challenging than usual right now.

  • First - markets are extremely volatile and none of us care to predict what lies ahead. So the usual investment writing rules are inverted.
  • Second - teams are working remotely, some are unwell or multi-tasking with children and we know that some are struggling to get the right quality of content out fast enough.
  • Third - it’s one thing to create FAQs, but another to create content which is approachable, clear and interesting to read – without being patronising.


Prices start at £400 + VAT for a single content piece.

We also offer 10 content pieces for £3,000 + VAT.


Discuss which content would be best for you

Boring Money has created a syndicated content option for our clients in response to immediate need. Please ask us about how we can help.

Below are the key types of consumers we can write content for, with example article titles. Our style is on the conversational side of neutral.

We can also talk to you about creating your own specific content suite in response to MI from your call centres, tackling the most pressing questions for you.


Novice DIY investors (accumulation)

  • A history of stock market crashes – what can we learn?
  • Why have markets crashed?
  • Can I restore access to my money?
  • Should I just cut my losses?
  • Why this could be a very good time for first timers to get into the stock market
  • What sort of investments should I be in?
  • I need cash now – which investments should I sell first?
  • Why you should think twice before selling after a crash
  • What a bear market means and how they’ve played out before
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More savvy DIY investors

  • How to position for a bounce back – the passive versus active debate
  • How long do crashes typically last?
  • Am I really properly diversified?
  • Which markets should I look to buy as the crisis evolves?
  • What would need to happen today for markets to find some equilibrium?
  • Could it be wise to bet against the market improving?
  • Do sustainable funds outperform during a crisis?
  • IFAs suggest the optimum balance of assets for post-crisis portfolios
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Novice workplace DC scheme members

  • Can I opt out and get out?
  • Why has the value gone down so much?
  • Am I in the right scheme for me?
  • Should I change my contributions if my wages have been cut?
  • Would a sustainable pension fare better in future crashes?
  • What to do with your pension now – different generations, different ways forward
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Pension holders in drawdown

  • Is now the time to cash out a defined benefit scheme?
  • How should I be managing cash?
  • How much should I be drawing down a year?
  • What you need to know about sequence of return risk after big falls
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