UX Testing

Is your new digital service ready for an all-important litmus test? Do you want to see how it plays out in the real world and understand the thought process of an actual user? Do you want to know if it actually works?

Then there’s only one thing for it.

Our approach to UX Testing combines behavioural observation with sentiment analysis. It’s not just asking “what are you doing?” and “how does that make you feel?” – it’s diving deep to identify why. From there, we create constructive recommendations for the best next steps.

What can UX Testing tell you?

  • How customers experience your product or service physically and emotionally
  • Whether you’re pitching to an audience with the right level of experience
  • Whether people follow your logical customer journey or go in their own direction
  • Where you could simplify a journey to reduce abandonment rates
  • Which parts of your product or service appeal to which demographics
  • If you can improve or innovate now to save time and money post-launch

The Boring Money way

We create bespoke strategies to assess your customer journeys and experiences, testing for things you want to know about as well as those you hadn’t anticipated.  

  • Normally done on a 1-to-1 basis using think-out-loud techniques
  • Tests include asking a user to find things, complete tasks and roleplay
  • We record the journeys themselves as well as responses
  • We analyse claimed and observed responses, plus other first-hand data

Complete with practical recommendations for moving forward

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