Thanks for offering to take our survey – we really appreciate that you were willing to take time out to help us gather our research. For that, we owe you a debt of thanks!

However, on this occasion, we are only interested in the views of people outside the industry.

While you’re here, though, we thought you might be interested in some of the other things we’ve been busy with lately.

Talk to customers better | Boring Money Annual Conference 2018 

The Boring Money Annual Conference will put consumers firmly in the spotlight and ask how  should we be talking to customers?  

Back for our third year, we've found the best speakers from both inside and outside of the industry to inform, provoke, teach and hell even delight. 

2018 Digital Wealth and Robo Report 

What does the perfect online investing service look like, according to consumers? We’ve combined deep-dive qualitative research with a nationally-representative survey of British adults to give a comprehensive picture of the wealth Britain manages online, what consumers really look for and what the future of online investing will be.

Robo Adviser Performance – 12 Months to 30th June 2018

In our latest robo performance update, we analyse the performance of eight leading robo advisers which together represent over 75% of UK robo adviser assets today.

High-risk portfolios returned 6.38% over the 12 months analysed, followed by 3.70% for medium risk and 0.80% for low risk portfolio.