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2019 speakers include:

Andrew McMillan - Founder of Engaging Services & Former Head of Customer Service at John Lewis

Speaking at the Boring Money Annual Conference, Andrew focussed on how a company's internal culture affects customer experience.

Engaging Services specialises in employee engagement and customer experience. Whilst at John Lewis, Andrew reviewed the demographic analysis, and believes customer experience reflects internal culture.

Nathalie Nahaï - Author of Webs Of Influence; Researcher, Podcaster

At our 2019 Annual Conference, Nathalie examined the ethics of data sharing, and the trust deficit of this generation, as resistance to online manipulation grows.

Nathalie advises companies on reaching larger audiences using persuasive tech and branding while maintaining an ethical framework. What can we learn from digital consumption patterns and personality traits?

Jozef Moffat - Customer Engineer at Google Cloud

Jozef's work at Google helps customers transform and evolve their business through Google's Cloud. Prior to Google, Jozef worked as a Data Scientist solving problems ranging from Credit Risk modelling to Energy Demand Forecasting.

At the 2019 Boring Money Annual Conference, Jozef discussed how to build products which can reach 1 billion people, how the use (and misuse) of data is changing how we develop products, and how technology can lower the cost of advice.

Dr Clea Bourne - Senior Lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London

As a Senior Lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London, Dr Bourne examines how to naturalise Artificial Intelligence in everyday life, and how to communicate trust in financial markets. Her latest study identified that 66% of consumers say it’s important for brands to take public stands on social & political issues.

Dr Bourne's main research interest is in financial markets and at our 2019 Annual Conference, she discussed how finance fixates on customer ‘trust’ without gaining it. 

Ross Dalzell - Head of Digital Investment Platforms at Barclays

Ross joined the Barclays Savings, Investments & Wealth Management in May 2018. He is accountable for developing and maximising the synergies of Smart Investor and Smart Future with the aim of both becoming leading digital investment platforms in the UK.

At our 2019 Boring Money Annual Conference, Ross discussed how to approach personalisation when you have so many customers, with so many needs. And as a bank - what is your responsibility?

Jane Brady - Head of Client Solutions at Mumsnet

As Head of Client Solutions at Mumsnet, Jane is excited to work with brands and potential partners who genuinely fit with Mumsnet’s mission ‘to help make parents lives easier’. 

At Boring Money's 2019 Annual Conference, Jane explored how Mumsnet has created such a vast and well renowned community, and discussed how exactly a business can make their community-led business model successful.

Richard Cook - Online Community Manager at Monzo Bank

Monzo believe that their community is the heart and soul of everything they do. As Online Community Manager at Monzo, Richard works to encourage customers to decide to join their community, to help Monzo to 'build the bank you’ve always dreamed of'.

During our 2019 Annual Conference, Richard revealed the secrets of how to create a community, and explore what makes a community-led business model successful.

Davinia Tomlinson - Founder & CEO of rainchq

As the founder of rainchq, Davinia helps women take control of their financial futures through a three pillar programme offering financial education, qualified and regulated financial advice and rainmaker community events.

Davinia spoke at our 2019 Fin-k Tank Seminar, about how tech can enhance financial advice. She discussed where the industry currently sits on this topic, and where she thinks technology will take us in the coming years.

Simon Rogerson - CEO and Founder of Octopus

As the CEO and co-founder of Octopus, Simon leads a group of companies which invests in the people, ideas and industries that will help to change the world: Octopus Investments, Octopus Healthcare, Octopus Energy, Octopus Ventures, Octopus Property and Octopus Labs.

At our 2019 Fin-k Tank seminar, Simon explored how to build a business in a sector which doesn’t support the typical start-up philosophy of “move fast and break things”. He showed attendees what can go wrong and what good looks like.

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