The Advice Report Launch

As the FCA kicks off a review into the RDR and FAMR, we are asking consumers what are their needs? Their questions? How, where and when do they want to receive advice and what will they pay for it? What are the barriers, the fears, the misconceptions?

The Advice Gap obviously remains a huge problem. New technology can deliver solutions but we are arguably focusing on the wrong question – ‘what shiny things can we build’ rather than ‘what is it that people actually want’? It is only once we understand the evolving customer need and expectations that we can develop the roadmap to change regulation, products and technology to deliver this.

Over the next month, we will be conducting research including a nationally representative survey of UK adults, consumer interviews, adviser interviews, provider interviews and ‘Deep dive’ interviews with our Boring Money readers.  


Thursday, June 20th 2019


The Mercer, 34 Threadneedle St, London EC2R 8AY

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Join us at a breakfast briefing where we will share new customer research and insights about what people want when it comes to financial advice.

What is the bridge between XO and full-fat advice? How should we go beyond ‘2 Shades of Advice’?

Breakfast from 8.30am, presentation at 9am, finish by 10am