Sustainable Savers Census 2020 - Webinar Launch

Join us for (the replay of) the launch of our sustainable investing census

This report will inform platforms, asset managers, pension providers and banks about the interest, attitudes and plans investors, pension holders and savers have with regards to sustainable investing. The report will also contain detailed feedback from advisers on their attitudes, plans to integrate sustainable investing and the challenges they face.

It will explore what providers can do to capitalise on this growing trend and how best to meet client needs in terms of advice, products, and communications.


This report will help: 

  • Asset managers and advice firms looking to develop their sustainable investment proposition.
  • Platforms and banks to understand what investors look for and how best to communicate this.
  • Pension providers to establish interest levels and understand what they need to offer and communicate to employees interested in investing their workplace pension sustainably.
  • Advice firms to understand the levels of interest and appetite in revised suitability fact finds.
  • Marketing and PR companies to design and communicate a sustainable investment approach and supporting educational program.


About the report


Research sources

  • 4,000+ UK adults – about their sustainable habits, desired impact from investing sustainably, sustainable messaging and workplace pensions – a nationally representative view
  • 1,500 UK fund investors – to establish existing ownership levels, intentions for investing in sustainable and ethical funds and brand consideration – more detailed insights from investors
  • 150+ UK advisers – to draw comparisons with the consumer view, establish client appetite for sustainable, their confidence, needs, the research they use and the barriers they face – the adviser perspective
  • Morningstar – to track how our identified consumer segments might find funds which map to their requirements and preferences – the fund research house perspective


Insights include

  • The market based on interest and existing ownership.
  • Preferred investment approach and aspirations of investors.
  • The trade-off between investing in line with values and performance.
  • Segmentation of investors supporting messaging and targeting
  • Differences in attitudes between advisers and consumers
  • Adviser sentiment, perceived barriers and insights on the help they require
  • Changes in sentiment and preference with both advisers and consumers
  • Brand awareness and preferences with both advisers and consumers
  • Perceived trade-offs and genuine intent versus cited interest
  • Insights from our research partner Morningstar, identifying funds that map to these consumer segments and their stated preferences


Price: £8,000 + VAT 

This cost includes:

  • Full report,
  • All underlying data,
  • Webinar for your firm to walk through the findings and take questions.



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