Factsheets and Disclosure

This year, the spotlight has been firmly shone on whether the industry is doing enough to inform and update its retail investors. The focus needs to shift from lengthy and extensive ‘transparency’ towards clarity.

Boring Money’s report will help any group to get an immediate understanding of what good looks like to a retail customer – and how to focus efforts on the right things to achieve better levels of understanding, clarity – and ultimately – trust.

Price for full report: £5,000 + VAT


This report includes key insights on performance, cost, risk, objectives, trust/brand, factsheets, and how clients' money is invested.


Report Notes

The report includes research from an online survey conducted with 1,000 fund investors. Fund investors are defined as investors who hold a Stocks and Shares ISA, investment account/share trading account or personal pension/SIPP and who say they invest in funds.

It also includes testing of real factsheets for the best-selling funds. This includes ‘graffitied’ factsheets on what investors like and dislike about each, and scoring on clarity and visual format for each.


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