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Despite regulatory angst about the definition and scope of advice, the fact remains that most people just want someone to give them a steer. Finance cannot remain immune from the world of likes, shares and people like you content when it comes to provider and product selection. But as hotel review sites have shown, transparency and clarity about how this is managed is key. The old world model of pay to play is rotten and we are gradually increasing the weighting of customer feedback and ratings in our scorings, as the number of reviews increases.


That said there is still an appetite for a helping hand. A curator of content and insights. One of the more common questions from people into our mailbox is, “I’m currently with X. I quite like them but they are becoming more Y which I don’t really like. Who else do you think I should look at?”


We think that many investment services have common denominators more nuanced that number of funds or product wrappers. Approached from a customer’s viewpoint, these decision vectors can be grouped into some common categories. Clarity of comms. Low charges. Ease of use on mobile. Share research. Investment confidence levels. In response to customer demand, we have added a new feature to our Best Buys which gives our readers a couple of alternatives for any one provider they are researching. Have a look to see who we think are investment bedfellows from the user perspective.


In case you’re feeling nosey, if you click the link below, the provider in question below is AJ Bell Youinvest. Enjoyed typically by more confident investors with an interest in markets, these customers want good research and content. And a pension wrapper. Interactive Investor and Hargreaves Lansdown are alternatives which satisfy these requirements as well as offering a degree of choice over cost versus service.

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