Thursday 2 May 2019,

13:00 – 19:30


Saint Helen's, 1 Undershaft, London EC3P 3DQ

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£229 + VAT

£135 + VAT for advisers and start-ups


Boring Money’s 2019 half day Fin-k Tank seminar will be hosted at Aviva’s London HQ on May 2nd.

Back for its third year, Fin-k Tank takes a look at what is new in the worlds of tech and investing.

With a fast-paced afternoon of fintech demos, panels, new entrants and giant incumbents, this afternoon will bring up to speed anyone interested in how to build better services for customers. Join us for a seminar which will inform, challenge, and entertain at the same time.

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Our 2019 Fin-k Tank agenda:

Each year we gather a selection of experts from venture capital, AI, open banking, consulting, asset management and the start-up world, to find out how tech will shape the future world of finance.

  • How to build a business in a sector which doesn’t support the typical start-up philosophy of “move fast and break things”

Simon Rogerson, CEO and Founder of Octopus

Neil Costigan CEO of BehavioSec

Simon and Neil show us what can go wrong and what good looks like.

  • Mobile: How to use it well in your proposition 

Tessa Lee, MD of MoneyInfo

Companies can sometimes be accused of making an app for app’s sake. As specialists in client portals and mobile apps for the wealth management industry, Moneyinfo will cover how to avoid this pitfall and fully utilise mobile.

  • Digital Distraction is affecting our decisions

Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina,
Founder of Consciously Digital

Anastasia helps people develop healthier relationships with technology. She no longer owns a smartphone and argues that technology affects decision making by causing too many distractions in our lives. She’ll discuss how companies need to capitalise on consumers’ 5 minute distraction window.​

How Hatch Works: Sally and John

We help people build a brighter financial future. See below how we helped one couple on an average London wage improve their future finances by hundreds of thousands of pounds!

Posted by Hatch on Wednesday, July 4, 2018
  • How is tech enhancing advice? - Panel Discussion

Adam Price, CEO of Hatch

Joe Parkin, Head of iShares and Digital Wealth at Blackrock

Davinia Tomlinson, Founder & CEO of Rainchq

Where do we sit currently and where do we think technology will take us in the coming years?

  • The Future Home Live

Elena Corchero, Futurist at Unruly

Unruly’s futurist shows us what to expect in the consumer landscape that will change the expectations of consumer needs and demands when it comes to technology. What will our homes look like in 2030?

Check your daily spend and even alter Plum's mood to suit you. Smarter savings + total control 🙌

Posted by Plum on Tuesday, October 31, 2017
  • Fintech demos

Victor Trokoudes, CEO and Co-founder of Plum

Can a chatbot be the one to get people to invest?


Could it be through Behavioural finance?

Tom McGillycuddy, Co-founder of Tickr

Will ‘ethical investing made easy’ be the way into a new type of investor?

John Abbott, Director of Business Growth & Partnerships at Yoti

Better ways to prove identity make for smoother onboarding.

tickr - Make your money shout!

Hear Co-founders Tom and Matt talk about what tickr is, why they created it and how it works. Register to get an exclusive invite to our beta at https://tickr.co.uk/

Posted by tickr on Thursday, November 8, 2018