The Great British Sustainable Savers Census

Insights For Adviser Firms

Our new census of 6,000 people provides unique insight into investor attitudes around sustainable investments. The report aims to inform platforms, asset managers, pension providers and banks about the sustainable interests, attitudes and plans of investors, pension holders and savers. It also includes detailed feedback from advisers on their plans to integrate sustainable investing and what challenges may arise for them.

Key stats at a glance


Adviser interest, acceptance, appetite, and confidence in recommending ESG investment have all grown over the last 12 months - yet advisers still underestimate client interest and there are barriers that exist.

This report has been designed to help advisers...

  • Understand the levels of interest and appetite for sustainable investing
  • Adjust fact finds and suitability in order to offer appropriate funds or portfolios in response
  • Understand their client base and decide which type of funds would suit their needs
  • See how their firm compares to others in it's approach to sustainable and ethical investing

Price: £8,000 + VAT 

This cost includes:

  • Full report,
  • All underlying data,
  • Bespoke webinar for your firm to walk through the findings and take questions.



Our 6 consumer segments

Our consumer segmentation can be used by advisers to help think about their client base and to understand what types of funds would suit their needs.

This ultimately needs to be supported by adviser networks and fund managers by ensuring they have access to relevant funds, and that fund communications can meet those needs



How many investors currently hold sustainable or ethical funds?

We asked …

Which of the following sectors are you currently invested in? Please select all that apply.

Which of the following sectors are you considering increasing your holdings in, in the next 6 months? Please select all that apply.


The report shows that only 4 in 10 advisers are fully aware of the MiFID II requirements.

We asked …

Which of the following best describes your awareness of the upcoming MiFID II requirements where you will have to discuss ESG views with all clients and have a suitable process in place if they are interested in these investments?


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