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You’ve been to investment conferences before. You’ve seen the same old suits speaking in the same old echo chambers. You may even have tweeted about a ‘stunning insight’. But were your perceptions of our industry challenged by innovators and experts in adjacent fields? Did you tap into behavioural economics, sociolinguistics, even neuroscience, to learn from the successes of other booming businesses? Or did you instead start nodding off before the first tea break?

This year, at the Boring Money Annual Conference 2019, we’ll be taking you on a journey through community, influence, personalisation and responsibility. Along the way you’ll hear from financial leaders like Barclays, Monzo and Charles Stanley Direct, but also leftfield thinkers from Goldsmiths, GoogleMumsnet and the man behind John Lewis’ unbeatable customer service. By 5pm you’ll have a laser-focused vision of how to win customers, keep customers and thrill customers.

Let’s take a closer look…

An excellent event with a great mix of thought-provoking insights.

Not just the industry talking to the industry.

Super interesting and valuable. These are people we don't usually get access to.

NOT boring!

Community: from customer forums to cult followings

Our keynote speaker, Nathalie Nahai, author of Webs of Influence, brings together the latest insights from the world of psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics. She explores how the colour of your website can influence customer sentiment; where the line is between helpful and creepy when using customer data; and how to harness the underlying dynamics behind consumer and community behaviour.

We’ll also hear from Monzo Bank, Mumsnet and Freetrade, who share the secrets that led to their community-led businesses securing cult followings.

Then, before we break for coffee, Ross Dalzell, Head of Digital Investment Platforms at Barclays, will show us how to approach community and personalisation with such a vast, varied customer base.


Influence: how to make trends and captivate people

How does the digital economy influence financial consumer behaviours?

How can we use language to attract and relate to customers more effectively?

And how can influencer marketing make investing relevant for unengaged audience segments?

These are just a few of the big questions we’ll be tackling with Deloitte and Google; influencer marketing consultancy The Fifth; and strategic communications consultancy Verbalisation. There’ll even be a live experiment!


Personalisation: creating experiences that stand apart

Customers are screaming out for finance brands to treat them like individuals, which means personalisation is still a key concern for our out-of-touch industry. So what’s the solution?

Stepping outside the finance echo chamber, we hear from Andrew McMillan, whose 28 years as John Lewis’ Head of Customer Service earned the brand its customer-centric reputation. He’ll explain how demographic analysis at a customer level, as well as internal culture at a company level, can create a highly personal service that is never knowingly undersold.

We’ll also hear from new fintech Lifetise, whose interactive online tool brings consumers’ financial options to life through highly personalised visualisations and gamification. And we’ll learn from EValue how personalised video and goal planning can transform complex investment pathways.


Responsibility: lead the charge or be left behind

Finally, we’ll delve into the increasingly popular world of ESG, which may well become the primary investing framework for future generations.

We’ll hear from Charles Stanley Direct, ShareAction and The Big Exchange on their approaches to ESG propositions and products, and whether the industry or consumers should be driving the conversation.

And to shake up our concepts of where trust comes from and what consumers want from modern businesses, Dr. Clea Bourne will be sharing her latest research. A senior Promotional Media lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London – and leader of their Heretical Finance Reading Group – Dr. Bourne believes finance brands fixate on trust without earning it, and need to take more public stands on social and political issues. Prepare to be challenged!


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Tuesday, October 8th 2019, 

08:45 – 17:00 (Drinks till 19:00)  


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