Fintech, what have you done for me lately?

We love a bit of sensationalism. Even if we don’t, it is difficult to avoid it being thrust upon you. A little more than a year ago the trade press ran red with headlines proclaiming the end of everything at the hands of A.I.

The robots were coming (apparently) and they were harbingers of doom, heralding automation that would leave us all out of work. Wealth managers, copywriters, retail staff, it would seem no one was immune.

As of Q4, the UK robo-adviser market is a little over 1% of the UK`s investment market (1). Hardly the end of days. But this is not to say that innovation isn’t happening in incredible ways.


Blockchain, the underlying technology behind cryptocurrency is edging its way into many industries. Law enforcement, ride hailing, and the music industry are some of the sectors benefiting from blockchain`s ability to provide a decentralised, digital, secure, and tamper-proof ledger. Change is coming, but it probably wont be what we think it is.

Blockchain is difficult to understand (if you disagree then explain it to a seven year old and tell me you don’t feel like you are scamming them). Yet, making a business understand the applicability of blockchain based solutions is even more difficult. This is why we want to try something a little different. We don’t want to tell you about some of these innovations, we want to show you.

At this summer’s Fin-k Tank five providers and start-ups will demo their latest innovations live, to showcase the newest developments in fintech. Here’s a taster of what’s in store:

  • Richard Crook, Head of Emerging Technology, RBS: Digital mutual - next generation of fund creation on blockchain

  • What happens when the blockchain is used to administer pensions and mutual funds?

Sebastian Comment, MD, Clever Circles: Redefining asset management through an open platform.

We know that we continually hold the industry to task for their uncanny ability to baffle the consumer. We are also advocates of humanising the fund manager. Tell people who they are, and why their opinion can be trusted. Clever Circles are redefining asset management through what they call collective intelligence. They have built a platform that allows you to build and manage your assets, but instead of a faceless fund manager giving you his forecast, you can lean on your own tusted circle of peers to socially forecast your market views. They are combining the intelligence of people with the efficiency of machines.


David Vanek, CEO & Founder, Anorak: The world's smartest independent insurance provider

Anorak don’t like jargon, sales calls or paper based processes. They know people need some guidance sorting out their insurance. They are using tech to build a smart life insurance model that is founded on trust and transparency. By taking a partnership and API approach Anorak can go beyond digital brokerage, to integrate other products from online banking to e-comms. This can allow users to coincide their protection with product purchases and life events.


  • Lesley James, Financial Adviser, Simplified Money


Hear from someone at the consumer coalface on a daily basis about how AI is going to make things better for her clients

These demos are more than just seeing new wares and gadgets. It’s about inspiration. It’s about communication and challenging the constructs. If anything, blockchain has demonstrated that all bets are off, and new models can be conjured from the ether at a rate to challenge even the most forward thinking. With open source, open APIs, and an open mind the sky does not have to be the limit.

To see these demos in action, to get your inspiration fix and a whole lot more reserve your place at Fin-k Tank.

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