The Consumer Investment Leaderboard

Two weeks ago we launched an updated version of our Best Buys page, featuring new providers, filtering tools, and further details on platforms and robo advisers.

Our readers want to know what we think. They value an expert and, importantly, an independent view. However, they also place significant value in the reviews we collate from customers. In this way, buying an ISA is no different to buying any consumer product. This influenced the development and UX of these pages which have been designed to put our views alongside consumer views, letting people filter any which way they like.

We’re building a narrative through the site with pink used to denote our view and blue the consumer view. This is a key foundation of what we’re building, which we like to describe as the financial lovechild of Which and TripAdvisor.

Consumer testing showed us that not everyone is looking for the same thing in a provider. Some want low cost, but even low cost is different for someone with £10,000 to invest compared to someone with £100,000 - and those numbers seem alien for the potential consumer looking to start with less than £100. So we added filters to try and capture the different things a consumer looks for in a provider.

Do they offer a Pension as well as a Stocks and Shares ISA? Can you start with £100 or less? Are they highly recommended by their customers? If that’s what you’re after then the table comes up with Hargreaves Lansdown, True Potential Investor and Moneyfarm.  Financial services has an uncomfortable relationship with choice and has historically confused it with best practice. We’re now more aware of choice fatigue amongst our customers and readers.

Or maybe you have a large portfolio and want someone low cost who also offers a Junior ISA for your kids? Then have a look at Fidelity, Interactive Investor, Alliance Trust Savings, The Share Centre and Vanguard.

So if you are looking for an independent in-depth opinion and analysis on an online investing provider, want to see customer reviews on a platform or robo, or maybe just want to know the providers who meet your requirements, then come have a look here.