Online Investing Report 2020

This flagship report is a must-have for any group offering a direct to consumer investment platform, planning a launch or interested in understanding more about the non-advised distribution channel.

A must-have resource for anyone wanting to understand the current DIY investing landscape, consumer behaviours and sentiment, emerging investment trends and future forecasts.

Price for full report: £8,000 + VAT



The aim of this report is to help financial services providers, technology firms and industry observers understand:

  • The size and make-up of the DIY investing market, & our forecasts over the next 5 years
  • The main players & new entrants
  • What investors and savers think, want and do
  • How investors assess their platform providers
  • Good and bad user experience practices
  • Competitor pricing models and charging trends
  • The emerging industry trends
  • Future investor intentions
  • Our forecasts and projections over the next 5 years

New for 2020

This year we also include a supplement chapter which will provide comparable insights into multi-asset funds, portfolios or robo advisers. Compares over 20 £500 test accounts over a 2 year period, sharing net values and detailing asset allocations along with costs and charges.

Purchasers will also get online access to key data points, which can then be amended, filtered and segmented by preference – against gender, age, confidence and more.

Find out

  • Who gets a Best Buy 2020 rating and why
  • Customer switching intentions for 2020
  • How investors’ behaviours have changed
  • Our forecast growth rates for 2020 and beyond



Market data

How big is the market, how has it changed and who are the main players? This section looks at who investors are today – how old are they, what is the gender split and who do different investors use?

Consumer research overview

Our exclusive consumer research from a nationally representative sample of 6,000 UK adults, looking at what investors and savers think about investing, their behaviour and future intentions.

Platforms – customer views and expert ratings

What does good and bad practice look like? This section gives an insight into what customers think about their providers, along with Boring Money’s testing of their service, solutions and online functionality.



Costs and charges

A look at how charging structures are changing, who
is leading the way and how providers compare for
cost across different scenarios.

Trends for 2020 and beyond

Key trends going forward, looking at developments in the advice market and consumer attitudes towards sustainable investing.

Market Forecasts and Predictions

Our views on the market potential over the next five years, and how consumers will be investing their money. Includes investor feedback on future investment and switching intentions.

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