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Money affects all of us, so we’ve all received communications from Planet Investment. Unfathomable messages from fund managers offering twelve different asset classes we can choose; confusing credit card offers with terms and conditions eight pages long; scary pension statements which make risk seem like something we’d be insane to consider. We’ve all looked at communications from the financial industry, stuff that affects our lives and our money, and wondered what it really says. Why does it have to be so complicated?

Financial information can be boring to look at. Especially in an age where people can "swipe left" if things aren`t visually appealing. 

In 2018 we should have more tools than the humble pie chart and text-heavy tables at our disposal. Do your customers really understand what you are offering them?

Most visitors to Planet Investment do not make the connection between
a mysterious ‘fund’ and owning a piece of the world’s biggest brands. Or investing their British pounds into countries all around the world.

Here is an illustration for how an asset allocation could look like. In addition to making the act of investing more  tangible, it also can show at a glance if a given fund is suitable for the prospective investor. 

What if we made it clearer and talked to them about this, rather than getting caught up in the jargon of investment wrappers? Diversification is a key mantra of good investing - so let’s explain it well!

Here is a representation of how providers could demonstrate the geographic distribution of a fund. There is a lot of power is showing someone they are a global investor. 

How can you improve the visual language you use when presenting financial information? Are words the right tool?

So what happens next? That’s up to the compliance, legal, marketing and investing divisions of the companies managing the nation’s money. The call is out – let’s make sure they hear it!

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With enormous thanks to Legal and General Investment Management for their support and interest in the Planet Investment project. Thanks also to Sandra Peat and Rebecca Rhodes from We Are Superhuman, Ali Hanan from Creative Equals, Annabel Rivkin and Emilie McMeekan from the Midult, Lucy Dunn from the Pool and Kate Thornton from TBSeen.

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