Investing is Everyday

Funds and portfolios seem confusing to "normal" people, who often lack interest or desire to understand what goes into them. 

Yet, funds are made up of the businesses and organisations that shape the world around us. Wouldn’t it be great if we could make this real to potential investors, letting their passions and interests in the world around them inspire as we show that investing really is ‘everyday’.

In this artwork, we’ve used augmented reality to do just that. Using just your phone, this exhibit allows you to scan “things” of interest around you to find out more about the company behind it and its investment potential. We’ve shown it here with 3 everyday items - a Coke bottle, a Disney clock and a rubber duck! Visitors scanned items in front of them to see what came up! 


After scanning the item, visitors were presented with the investment information ranging from share price, performance data, ethical ratings, and an analyst outlook. Investors could also choose to dive deeper into the company fundamentals and see complimentary stocks that other investors may have bought. 

Despite being illustrative, we know that augmented reality and VR is in its early days. Its not much of a stretch of the imagination to see how other consumer industries may utilise this technology into their acquisition process (its fast growing in the fashion industry). 

Between machine learning being used by platforms and robos, and the implications of PSD2 this is a channel ripe for exploration. Visitors to Planet Investment were given a taste of whats to come. 

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With enormous thanks to Legal and General Investment Management for their support and interest in the Planet Investment project. Thanks also to Sandra Peat and Rebecca Rhodes from We Are Superhuman, Ali Hanan from Creative Equals, Annabel Rivkin and Emilie McMeekan from the Midult, Lucy Dunn from the Pool and Kate Thornton from TBSeen.

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