Planet Investment - re imagining financial communications


Too much investment content is boring, opaque and simply baffling for many people who suspect they probably should be investors…. but simply don’t know where to start.

At Boring Money, it’s a status quo we aren’t prepared to accept. So our challenge was this. What if we ripped up the rulebook? Challenged the all-powerful ‘Health and Safety’ compliance teams on the merits of being perfectly wrong over approximately right. Questioned the received wisdom of product marketing. And tried to talk to “real people” in an engaging, relevant and meaningful way?

To assist on our mission, we hosted a creative hack with key individuals who are master communicators, but certainly not financial experts.

The mission was this. Dig into the guts of financial content, wade through the waffle and get to the heart of what matters. Brainstorm ways in which we can start better conversations and enable better decisions. We then put on an exhibition showcasing the outputs.

Take a look at how we’ve challenged the industry with clear visual illustrations and analogies that were designed to provoke, challenge and hopefully stimulate new ways in which we can make investment content more relevant and meaningful to those would-be investors that are currently disengaged.

Curious about what the rest of Planet Investment landscape looked like? Explore below. 

Investing is everyday   Are words the right tools?   Who is managing my money?   Harnessing the power of community   What are you investing for?