Portfolio Income Management Tool

Understand the basics

Read up on the finer details of taking income from your investments. The Association of Investment Companies (AIC) has a handy guide with everything you need to know.

"With interest rates falling to record lows in recent years, finding income has probably never been harder.

 And as people now have freedom over how they spend their pension savings, more and more are looking to their investments to provide them with a regular income in retirement.

This guide explains some of the unique features that give investment companies a head start over other funds when it comes to delivering income."

The Association of Investment Companies

The AIC Income Finder Tool

Create your own virtual portfolio to track the total income it paid over the year. Then fine-tune your portfolio to smooth out monthly income throughout the year, ensure there are no periods without dividend payments, or shape your income to meet your needs. From the Association of Investment Companies.

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