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What do customers really think of your products? Are they actually using your website or app in the way that you expect? Are your comms delivering your messages effectively enough?

If not, why not?

Qualitative research is not just about the what. It’s about the why. We work with brands to scratch below the surface of consumer opinion in order to understand the attitudes and behaviours that shape those views. What’s more, we’ll unearth the motivations and tipping points that can help you move customers from consideration to action.

What can qualitative research tell you?

  • What customers (or prospects) think about your product or service
  • How they choose between different products or providers
  • How branding, design and positioning influence them
  • What sort of marketing messages have the most impact, and what turns them off
  • How price affects decision-making
  • Their attitudes towards advice and sources of information
  • Whether there is demand for a new product or service
  • How customers interact with your online products and user journeys

The Boring Money way

All of our qualitative work starts with a bespoke design phase. We can provide audio, video or viewing facilities, to suit your needs.

Our core research methodologies include:

  • Focus groups of up to 8 people
  • Individual interviews – face to face, by Skype and by phone
  • UX testing of websites and digital products
  • Research with the ‘Boring Money Army’ – our highly engaged website users

Who can we reach?

Boring Money can recruit interviewees from any segment you wish to explore.

Previous groups have included:

  • Engaged investors
  • First time investors
  • Savers (non-investors)
  • High net worth individuals
  • Families
  • Millennials
  • Women / Men
  • Small business owners
  • And many more

"Boring Money's research proposition went beyond our original proposal to offer additional features that made an enormous difference to the eventual outcome. The work they produced was considered, well-presented and very thorough, giving us a valuable and accessible end product. Communications throughout were excellent"

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