Investment In The Time of COVID

How has widespread economic upheaval, increased market volatility and uncertainty influenced investor behaviour? 

Explore both the problems and potential solutions with our free whitepaper, based on new quant and qual research with over 1,000 UK fund investors.

Despite assets falling by £96.7bn from market crashes, the number of DIY investors is growing.  

  • How are consumers responding, what are they buying?
  • What advice do investors want?
  • How do varying market demographics differ?


What's inside this whitepaper?


Our new whitepaper shares quantitative and qualitative research into consumer behaviours in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. We explore the key questions investors have been asking, what your customers say they want, and what their investment intentions are. 

  • Do you know which 5 asset manager's investors think offer the best value? And why?

  • Do you know what happened to DIY assets in Q1 – and who grew the fastest? What is driving consumers’ growing interest in sustainable investing?

  • How many ISA holders who have traded over the last 12 months have done so on a mobile? What percentage of advised customers feel more confident about engaging with their adviser on video calls – and see this continuing post-lockdown?

Download this free whitepaper for all the latest insights into what people want, how they want it, who from – and what to expect as 2020 unfolds.

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Investment in the time of COVID



Let us help you plan your 2020 overhaul


This report will help you size the potential advice market, understand changing consumer appetites & trends, and develop a business plan based on current insights.

With a special section on how COVID-19 and volatile markets have changed the trends of what advice people seek in light of the coronavirus outbreak, and how they want to receive it.

Get immediate insights into what investors are thinking, feeling and planning as a result of falling markets. This report will help you review yours comms and marketing, as well as inform senior executives about sentiment amongst retail investors.

This research utilises over 1,000 customer verbatims, and insights from 606 Boring Money readers gathered in March 2020.

The Assessments of Value have been a huge undertaking for asset managers. With deliberately vague criteria, the FCA has intentionally put the onus on managers to think about what value is – and how to articulate, check & evidence it.

This report will help asset managers to produce, review and improve their Value Assessment statements.

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