Get immediate insights into what investors are thinking, feeling and planning as a result of falling markets. 

Price for full report: £800 + VAT


This report will help all those reviewing a comms strategy and marketing responses to COVID-19, as well as informing senior executives about the customer sentiment amongst retail investors. 

The results of this report come from an online survey conducted with Boring Money readers between Friday 13th and Monday 16th March. All respondents to the survey currently hold investments i.e. funds, shares or bonds.


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For those reviewing their strategy and business response to the effects of the coronavirus on the investment and financial industries, this report includes: 

  • Over 1,000 customer verbatims
  • Insights from 606 Boring Money readers in March 2020
  • Research revealing how investors feel about the current investing climate
  • Revelations about what consumers plan to do with their investments going forward
  • Insights into the sentiment of investors who hold funds, shares or bonds
  • Do consumers plan to buy or sell?
  • What are their expectations for the global economy?




Do investors think the global economy will get worse?

We asked readers what they expect to happen to their own financial situation and the economy between now and the end of 2020.

Do people expect the FTSE to fall again over the next month?

With the FTSE having fallen by nearly 30% in the last month (at the time of writing), we asked investors what they think will happen to the FTSE over the next month, and why they think that.

What are consumers plans for investing over the next 3 months?

Our research includes information on how investors plan to respond to the market situation over the next 3 months. Do they expect to buy rather than sell, and what is their long-term approach?


Do investors see the COVID-19 market as presenting opportunities?

We asked readers how they feel about stock markets right now. Our research sought to ascertain how optimistic or pessimistic consumer is at this time.

How are different age groups of investors responding to the current climate?

How similar or different are investors' views on how the economy will fare, when they are segmented by age? Do consumers recognise the importance of avoiding kneejerk reactions and see this as a buying opportunity?

What kind of guidance is needed by investors in or nearing drawdown?

For most investors, it’s a matter of sit tight and carry on. However, for those in drawdown or who are planning to retire soon, the fall in the value of their investments poses a greater problem.

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