Online Investing Report 2021


Online Investing is Boring Money’s flagship annual report on the D2C investing market, providing commentary on market changes, consumer attitudes, the competitive landscape, and trends.

It’s a handbook for anyone working in the industry who wants to know what savers and investors are thinking, the key market players and their positioning, market drivers/trends and their implications, and the future opportunities for growth.

Price for full report: £8,000 + VAT 

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The report has been designed for providers that offer/are planning to launch an online investment solution, to help them:

  • Size the market, benchmark growth and customer profiles against other D2C platforms.
  • Get an understanding of the market trends, drivers of growth and their implications e.g. sustainable investing.
  • Understand saver and investor attitudes towards the D2C investing market and how to target them e.g. product features and messaging.
  • Navigate the competitive landscape, understand how well different providers meet consumer needs and identify examples of best practice.
  • Understand where the opportunities and challenges lie e.g. new product launches, market forecasts.

The report will also help asset managers to understand the state of the market and consumer trends, advice firms who want to understand the key consumer challenges, and marketing and PR companies who support the industry and want to learn more.

What have we seen in 2020?

  • The size of the pie has got bigger as investing appetite has grown – D2C customer numbers are up by 14% in the 12 months to Q3 2020.
  • Cash savers are now a prime target for online investing platforms – large amounts of cash were accrued during the lockdown as spending fell.
  • Investor sentiment in their personal financial situation and the economy has improved as of Q4, off the back of the vaccine approval and US election outcome.
  • Whilst the traditional DIY platforms continue to hold on to market share, the competitive landscape is changing as robos and trading platforms acquire more customers.

The report includes

  • Market AUA and market share data for 30 D2C platforms.
  • Boring Money’s internal review of over 30 D2C platforms, including cost scenarios, call centre testing and best practice.
  • Research from a nationally representative survey with 6,000 UK adults to understand the needs of investors and cash savers.
  • Qualitative insights from Boring Money’s research panel of over 500 investors.



Market data

How big is the market, how has it changed and who are the main players? This section looks at who investors are today – how old are they, what is the gender split and who do different investors use?

Consumer research overview

Our exclusive consumer research from a nationally representative sample of 6,000 UK adults, looking at what investors and savers think about investing, their behaviour and future intentions.

Platforms – customer views and expert ratings

What does good and bad practice look like? This section gives an insight into what customers think about their providers, along with Boring Money’s testing of their service, solutions and online functionality.



Costs and charges

A look at how charging structures are changing, who
is leading the way and how providers compare for
cost across different scenarios.

Trends for 2021 and beyond

Key trends going forward, looking at developments in the advice market and consumer attitudes towards sustainable investing.

Market Forecasts and Predictions

Our views on the market potential over the next five years, and how consumers will be investing their money. Includes investor feedback on future investment and switching intentions.

Some key insights from last year's report

In the 2020 report

  • A deep dive into investor behaviour, exploring switching habits, intentions and mobile activity.
  • Looking at where investors were considering switching their money to and why, using this to forecast future market share.
  • Exploring the key market trends around robo and digital advice and sustainable investing.
  • Detailing the reasons for our 2020 Best Buys, highlighting ‘best practice’ across user journeys and features.

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