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Retail Distribution and the Direct Investor Report

A greater slice of the pie

Retail Distribution and the Direct Investor ReportRetail Distribution and the Direct Investor Report

Introducing the report

This report has been designed for asset managers who want to understand the changing nature of retail distribution. The DIY investment market is booming and there are over 9 million DIY investors in the UK. With a growing share of investments coming from this channel, is the right approach to partner, to go direct or to remain a building block on platforms? This report sizes the market, reviews consumer appetites and intentions, assesses investor trends and demands, and analyses the key distributors today.

The Retail Distribution and the Direct Investor report is is compiled from:

  • A nationally representative survey of 6,305 UK adults aged 18+, segmented by savers and investors

  • Market data from 20+ D2C platform providers.

  • Reviews and ratings from 3,000+ Boring Money readers

  • Boring Money testing of the public and secure sites, services and call centres of 36 D2C platforms

Main data points

  • There are 9 million+ DIY investors in the UK today

  • It remains a concentrated market - Hargreaves Lansdown, Interactive Investor and and Fidelity have a 62% market share and the average DIY investment account is £41,500

  • Amidst market turmoil, we see UK active managers fall in terms of perceived value as global and passive managers fare better

  • Vertical integration and own-brand distribution are gathering pace with asset managers

  • Key future trends include a growing demand for integrated digital advice into an investment journey and portfolio creation

Key chapters in the report include:

  1. Introduction – sizing the market

  2. Consumer insights – trends, brand preference, future intentions

  3. Trends – sustainable investments, the thirst for embedded advice, vertical integration

  4. Today’s distribution patterns – key players, markets share, growth

  5. Forecasts – what will successful players need

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