You've published your first Assessment of Value report, so what next?

In 2020, we helped over 10 leading global and UK asset management brands to understand precisely what investors value - including how they define and measure ‘Quality of Service’ - and translated this into clear and meaningful recommendations for development of their first ‘Assessment of Value’ reports.

Our new updated 'Value Assessments 2020:Best Practice Report' builds on these learnings with a scrapbook of examples, detailed tables and our own detailed reviews and analysis of 25+ published ‘Assessment of Value’ reports.

This report has been created to help asset managers to produce, review and improve their Value Assessment statements, and to:

  • Think about value from the perspective of their customers.
  • Understand what it is that investors value
  • Understand how investors value different asset management brands and why
  • See how firms have approached the publication of Value Assessments to date.
  • Access an independent perspective of Best Practice and Poor Practice.
  • Consider how to improve their own Value Assessment reports.

Full report:

£8,000 + VAT

This includes

  • The full Best Practice Report


Bespoke review package:

£10,000 + VAT

This includes

  • The full Best Practice Report
  • A bespoke Review of their 2020 report
  • Detailed recommendations for change
  • A webinar to deliver and discuss all findings



Insights include

  • How is Value reported currently?
  • What is the investor perspective on Value?
  • How does Value play out on a brand level?
  • What good and bad practice should we be aware of going forward?


Research sources

  • Quarterly online survey spanning Q1 2019 - Q1 2020
  • Close to 9,000 detailed responses from UK fund investors
  • Insights from fund investors with: a Personal Pension, SIPP, S&S ISA or GIA
  • 25+ 'Assessment of Value' reports analysed



“The landscape for asset managers is changing faster and in different ways than ever before, with challenges on many fronts. In particular enhanced regulatory requirements resulting from the Asset Management Market Study is putting the customer at the front and centre of key decision making in providers. Access to the customer thinking will be key to informed decision making.

"Boring Money are carving out a significant position in this space, providing us with insights on customer thoughts relating to value, communication, price, asset allocation and desired outcomes. Whilst we could obtain some of these insights ourselves, it is more economic for us to do it through Boring Money, and also gives us access to a broader customer group. A number of other providers have no access to direct customer thinking given the heavy shift towards intermediary distribution in recent years. I have no doubt that as the trend continues , Boring Money, as a customer champion, will be seen as providing more and more independent customer insights to senior decision makers at asset managers.”

Phil Wagstaff | Global Head of Distribution, Jupiter

Building on previous research

Our Value Assessments 2020 

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