Value Assessments - Adding the Customer Voice

In 2019, Boring Money has conducted extensive quantitative and qualitative research with nearly 5,000 fund investors about what value means to them.

This report includes quantitative and qualitative research with consumers, advisers, asset manager directors, academics and NEDs. And will help any asset manager preparing a Value Assessment to include the customer voice in their framework, evidencing that the firm has thought about value from the perspective of the person paying the fees.


Price for full report: £5,000 + VAT

To find out more or join the ongoing value assessment on the basis of an annual subscription.

This report includes key consumer research insights on price, performance, clarity, service, and how consumers assess value, plus a value tracker.

  • Granular detail weighted by importance.
  • Illustrated with examples of good practice.
  • 4 Key Pillars of Value.
  • Nearly 5,000 fund investors.


What do our customers say?

“Thank you for coming in for what was a compelling and well received session on this very important topic [Value Assessment] that has got the interest of the top table. I was expecting something good but what I got was even better than my expectations and had a few interesting surprises and challenges”. 

Lead on Value Assessment Project; Top 10 Global Asset Manager


What's included?

  • Exploring what is value – beyond performance and price. Ascertaining and quantifying what value means to end consumers. Which brands customers value, how much, and how we can measure ‘softer’ value metrics.
  • Clarity - understanding factsheets and how well disclosure is working.
  • Exploring in detail what consumers think about clarity and service.
  • Ongoing tracking of which fund managers customers think offer good value and why. How this differs by advice use and what drives value.
  • What customers actually value - identifying 4 core areas of perceived value and the relative importance of these.
  • Price insights – relative, absolute and related sentiment.
  • Qualitative interviews with industry professionals and NEDs.
  • Quantitative surveys with over 1,000 retail investors.
  • Qualitative interviews with retail investors and advisers.
  • Quantitative and qualitative fund analysis.
  • Value metrics and measurements.

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