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icon Research Reports

We publish a range of research reports throughout the year, and can also supply data and a workshop at your offices to really bring this to life and tackle your questions. 

Our most recent research report tackles the thorny topic of Customer Acquisition. Using data to map what consumers are doing, segmentation analysis to break this down, Nielsen data to map spending and non-attributable industry interviews to get the insider view, this essential report will give you answers on this most elusive of subjects.

Have a look at our full range of off-the-shelf research reports and our segmentation reports. If you can't find what you need, please contact Carmel Dickinson about some bespoke research. 


"We found Boring Money’s research really interesting, they have a true grasp on where the market is going and it is useful to know where we are positioned against the rest of the market"

Caroline Evans, Marketing Manager, MoneyFarm

icon Consumer Segmentation Reports

One size does not fit all.

We know that to resonate effectively with consumers we need to make money discussions relevant to people's lives. Every quarter we dig into one specific segment and supplement the data with qualitative sessions, testing content and engagement strategies with our "money tribes."

Moving from a data-first deep dive into our chosen segment, we then take more qualitative insights and create specific copy, assets, tweets and images to test with our audiences. 


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icon Events

From industry leading conferences, expertly curated seminars and refreshingly unique networking sessions, our events offer something truly memorable and engaging.

From our networking seminars for Women in Finance, our digital series Fin-k Tank or our flagship conference in September, we promise an inspiring session and no death-by-PowerPoint. 

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‘‘The exception to the rule. I am sorry to say that conference events that engage, inspire, educate and create the chance to meet peers across the sector, are very hard to find. The Boring Money ‘It’s The Consumer conference’ ticked all those boxes. I came away buzzing with actionable steps to take when back at ranch and several months on I am in regular contact with a handful of great people who I met at the event. Thank you – worth every penny.”

Darren Cornish, Director, Customer Experience, The Share Centre.

icon Focus Groups

Can we test your developments with consumers - and play the results back to you along with our experienced insights about what good looks like?

Designed around your business objectives, our focus groups allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your target segments. Whether it’s identifying your customer’s needs, testing your platforms/websites/customer journeys, or developing messaging and communications, we can help you to really understand your customers and future prospective customers.

We support the iterative build of prototypes, test new products, apps and websites, and help create content fit for a very targeted audience. 

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"The quality of output you get from the plethora of consultancies in financial services nowadays is so varied to the point of being worthless. This makes your piece really stand out and I would certainly not hesitate to recommend anyone to you for this type of work in the future.”

Anthony Morrow, CEO, eVest.