Do you know what customers actually think of your products and services? Or how they rate you compared to other players in the market?

We work with clients to produce detailed benchmarking reports which identify your strengths and weaknesses from an independent, external viewpoint. We’ll combine insight-driven qual and quant research with test accounts and our extensive industry expertise to pinpoint where you’re hitting, where you’re missing and what you need to change.

We don’t just point the finger either. Our work always delivers informed, practical recommendations to help you re-calibrate what good looks like. We can also work with you to test and develop these recommendations, should you want to move forward with them.  (See our UX and Content pages.)

What can benchmarking tell you?

  • Customer satisfaction levels
  • How users rate your products against comparable services
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • How you compare to new players / incumbents in the market
  • Where / how you can improve specific areas of your offering
  • Whether there is a niche in the market you can occupy

How we do it

  • Quantitative surveys for a macro view of the market
  • Qualitative methodologies for more in-depth info
  • Focus groups and observational ‘in the moment’ research
  • Online and mobile apps and chat room techniques

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