Value assessments for fund managers

As of September 2019, the FCA will require fund managers to assess and report on value. Although some guidelines have been set, these are ‘non-exhaustive’. 

Boring Money is helping fund managers to incorporate the customer view in their value assessments. We have created a framework which looks beyond the obvious issues of performance and fees. Following in-depth research with consumers, advisers, asset managers, academics and NEDs, we have established what criteria investors use to judge whether or not they have received value for money. And the elements that need tracking and improving as part of any provider’s long-term reporting process, both internal and external.

As the deadline approaches we are also talking to groups about the difficult challenge of how to communicate value externally, beyond the boardroom and out to consumers. 

We can work with asset managers in several ways to help

  • Insights Deck – Quantitative and qualitative investor research – what do consumers think about value? Use this to supplement existing project work on reporting, assessing and improving value.
  • Ongoing value testing – Our new quarterly Customer Value Tracker will provide external insights on what your customers think. With over 1,000 end investors, we will check in on the major component parts of value and play back how you are doing as a standalone fund manager and compared to peers. 

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