FCA: Evidencing value for money

Are you grappling with the FCA’s requirement for fund managers to assess and report on Value? Are your plans in place to hit the September 2019 deadline?

If not, we can help!

Boring Money has been engaged by a syndicate of Asset Management companies to provide a draft framework on the value question. Value is subjective and only meaningful when considered through the lens of the person who is paying for it. We have partnered with the analysts at Square Mile to conduct a deep dive from a more traditional analytical view of performance and charges. But we have also conducted quantitative and qualitative research with consumers, advisers and NEDs to overlay all of these views and perspectives over the more traditional industry metrics.  

This is not a tick-box exercise and there is no finite list from any FCA paper or indeed comparators in the US which deliver a ready-made framework. We have enjoyed engaging with those firms who are truly looking at this as a chance to ask themselves some tough questions. And to ask the questions which matter to their customers.

This research is available as one-off purchase. We can also provide ongoing support in checking in with customers to understand their views on whether you are delivering value, and whether they feel confident, well-informed and clear about the service you are providing.

It is our view that this value question will not just be limited to asset managers. We are also engaging with platforms to help assess value, as an extension of work simply comparing price.

Our framework is built from insights gathered through:

  • Qualitative interviews with industry professionals and NEDs
  • Quantitative surveys with over 1,000 retail investors
  • Qualitative interviews with retail investors and advisers
  • Quantitative and qualitative fund analysis

We also run a sample chosen fund of our asset manager clients through the framework and feed back on a customised basis.