2018 Online Investing Report

The Online Investing Report is a must-read for anyone launching or managing an online investment service in the UK, or those brands who partner or work with these providers.

We have sourced investment platform and robo data straight from each firm to explain why the DIY online investing market is growing at such a steady pace. We’ve also dug into the specifics around current winners, challengers and laggards in the market, and what consumers really think of their offerings.

Price: £5,800

Core areas covered:

  • AUA and market share
  • Demographic data
  • Split of investments and tax wrappers
  • User behaviours and attitudes

More Details

Data was gathered using the following methodology:

  • Quantitative data from a nationally representative YouGov survey of over 6,000 adults.
  • Qualitative data, including customer feedback on current propositions.
  • UX testing and analysis of 25 platforms and robo advisers.

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