Boring Money Insights – Consumer Syndicate 2018

Join us in a syndicate for customer research with corresponding marketing, social media and content learnings and actions

The Objective:

Tackle the Questions of Investing step by step, just as a potential investor would

Last year, Boring Money conducted research into five of its Money Tribes, seeking to understand the financial landscape of segments at differing stages of their lives and identifying the messages and themes which are most likely to resonate and engage. 

In 2018, we’re taking this understanding to the next level and will dive into the Why’s, How’s, What’s and Who’s.

Using a combination of nationally representative quantitative data and quarterly focus groups (1 x Savers, 1 x Investors), this research will explore some of the key decisions to be considered when investing – be it for the first time or on an ongoing basis. 

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icon Research method

  • Quantitative data from a nationally representative sample of savers and investors
  • 2 qualitative focus groups (1 x savers, 1 x investors) with an analysis of industry-produced communications and messaging

icon We deliever

  • Presentation of insights at 4 x roundtable events (1 per quarter) with Q&A and discussions between the syndicate
  • Full written report x 4 (1 per quarter) (including verbatim quotes)
  • Insights which can be picked up and used for PR and content

icon Your Cost

£7,800 + VAT – to be invoiced in quarterly instalment of £1,950
  • You will be charged quarterly on receipt of report.
  • Members of the syndicate also get a 15% discount off our flagship consumer conference in Sep 2018.

In detail

These pieces of research will produce a granular understanding surrounding the barriers, expectations and experiences of those either side of the ‘investment fence’. In doing so, the research will identify the type of messages and more detailed content that are most likely to get cut through.

This is very practical research which isn’t just a bunch of pie charts – the learnings translate into actionable outcomes when it comes to communications, PR and marketing.



Barriers, triggers and content that successfully encourages consideration


Why are savers saving and why don’t they invest?


What are the trigger points that made investors start? What encourages them to continue?

What are the questions that need to be answered for both audiences in order to invest?



Consumer journeys, service options and the comms that successfully sell each


Perceptions of how it might actually work in practice? How accurate are their perceptions? And do they expect to go it alone or do they want advice?


How have they done it? What do they like /dislike about the process? How did they decide between advice and non-advice What are the consumer journeys that appeal most to each audience – are some elements more appealing to others?



Where does the money go and the content that successfully explains/translates products


What does your ideal investment look like? What are you invested in? Where is it? How is it managed? What does it return? How volatile is it? How much do you want to know?


What are you invested in? How much do you know about it? Do you review your investments and make changes or is it a once in a lifetime decision?



Brand awareness, perceptions and the imagery, messaging and content which aligns with consumer needs


What do first-timers need in a provider? Is there a natural next step? Who is in a good position to capture this audience and why?


Where did you start and how long did you stay? Do you ever review your provider? Have they lived up to expectations? What has been positive/negative about your experiences?

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