Consumer Research Syndicate Introducing

Dependable Dads

Fathers aged 40-59 with at least one child aged 10+


  • 1 in 4 working households has a Dependable Dad
  • Focus is on short-term immediate costs
  • Concerned about providing for their children rather than looking after their parents
  • This group does save but feels sceptical about investing. Pensions have a particularly bad press with this audience
  • Positive messages and concepts succeed far more than any messages focused around negativity or fear.


ONS (2016) Overview of the UK population states 8.6m males aged 40-59 live in the UK. Screen out data from Boring Money quantitative research shows that 74% of males aged 40-59 had at least one living parent. Of these,
64% had at least one dependent child under 21. 8.6m x 0.74 x 0.64 = 4.1m
ONS: Labour Force Survey (2016) Households by combined economic activity status of household member shows 17.6m working households in UK. 4.1m/17.6m = 23%

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